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The DSRRed is the name of the fictional location in which Reds live. This wiki is meant to organize all thoughts and confirmed ideas about Red as a nation, and the many corners of the DSRRed.

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When adding a page, please add it to the most specific category that it fits under. There is no need to add other categories which the page's category is in. For instance, a page on a special military squad would have the "Military Units" category added but you wouldn't add "Military" or "People/Organisations" to it.

When adding a lore page, please add the Navbox Lore to the bottom by selecting the Insert dropdown at the top of the edit page, selecting Template, then searching for Navbox Lore and closing the popup that will appear. This will make it much easier for users to navigate around the wiki.

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This is a map of the categories within the wiki. It may not be up to date!


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